So we all know that subways cause many problems on a day to day basis. Whether it’s a delay that causes us to be late for the big date we have been looking forward to, the creepy guy staring at us who we know is picturing us naked, or the smells of the underworld that make us want to vomit up that yogurt and granola we had for breakfast. Either way the subway is not the most pleasurable way of travel, but since we are on a college budget it is something that we have to do because we most defiantly do not have enough money to take a cab everywhere that we want to go. Cabs are for the rare occasion that we get payed a few extra dollars at work or when we decide not to eat dinner to save a few bucks (crazy idea I know). Those are the times that cabs are a plausible option. Another time that a cab could be taken is between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am after a night out. Nobody wants to be on the subway with a bunch of loud drunk people or be one of two people in a car and the other person is a man sleeping. The subway is not our favorite way to travel from place to place, but we do what we have to do. But hey, everytime you don’t take a cab that’s a few bottles of $3 wine you can buy at Trader Joes to drink with your girlfriends!
Kisses xo,
Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 10.28.55 AM

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