Everybody loves food, I don’t care if it’s Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, American or Vegan foods, everyone loves food.  It’s one thing that Americans have in common and also many people around the world.  I am a huge foodie, I live to eat delicious foods.  Give me a great meal and a great glass of wine and you have made me a happy girl (hint hint boys of the world).  I got just this the other night when I met up with a friend for dinner. We decided on Mexican (after a long texting conversation of pros and cons of each type of food) cause it was what we were feeling, we then decided on going to Teqa on 31st and 3rd.  This decision was one of our better ones.  The atmosphere of this place was inviting and trendy.  Each table had its own tequila bottle to serve water and the drink menu was out of this world.  The choices were unbelievable between sangria, margaritas, punch bowls and much more.  I had the mahi-mahi tacos for dinner and I would highly recommend them, super yummy:) The prices were not terrible, but not super cheap.  The food was great so I’d say it was worth the extra few bucks, and also the restaurant itself was enjoyable to eat at.  Overall a definite positive experience for both my friend and I, we would both defiantly go back.  Teqa is definitely a place to go with a group of friends for a great meal, it is a must go!

Kisses xo,



My dinner! Delicious!



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