Skinny Minny

DIET the one word that haunts every girl, especially come bikini season. There are so many diets to choose from and do we actually ever know which one is going to work with our bodies? I know I always try to cut carbs, drink more water and eat things that are green. Green means good in my diet knowledge. I’m always able to shed a few pounds, but keeping it off is always a whole other problem. Then there is that whole place that us girls do not know how to navigate, the gym. What goes where, how long do I run for, am I sweating to much, do I look stupid? All questions that are going through our minds when we are working out in that big scary place.
I know when I have health questions I go to my best friend and health Guru, Tori Simeone. She is a co-founder of One Juicy Life, a company that helps us people learn how to eat better and live a healthier life. I thought it be a good idea if she sporadically posted on Eat Sleep Wear Red Lipstick to show you guys how to get the bikini body you want. So check back here for her fantastic posts! I’ll post a link to their Facebook page so you can share the love and see for yourself how awesome she is and helpful! Let’s have a summer when you feel confident in that bikini instead of hiding under your beach towel! You can do it! Bikini season here we come!
Kisses xoxo,

One Juicy Life Facebook


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