Words for a Monday Afternoon

Words for a Monday Afternoon

There are certain rules that I live by everyday, and I would have to say that these rules definitely apply to me. Working out, eating right, looking my best and taking control of my own happiness are things that I make sure that I do everyday. I hope you people do the same things. The only way to have the body you want is if you do your part. Never be afraid to try something new. Wear a red lip with your outfit, but don’t dress to impress anyone, do it to make yourself feel better. By looking your best you will feel your best and the people you attract in this process are the people who you want around you. Do not dress a certain way to impress that guy you work with, dress how you want to dress and if he is interested then awesome, if not there are other guys out there who will be interested in the person you are. As soon as I understood this concept and started concentrating on my happiness and making me happy, that’s when the right guy came into my life. I think this can be true for everyone, it may take a while to grasp this concept, but you will get there. You have to be happy in yourself before you can worry about anyone else’s happiness. So wear that red lip to class, or throw on that fur vest to go to the supermarket. Dress how you want and wear what makes you feel good, because in the end your own happiness is what is going to make your life a better one.
Kisses xoxo,


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