What better way to spend spring break then to go to Puerto Rico with all your best friends? Getting to explore a new place and travel somewhere different is an opportunity that you should really always take if it’s in the cards for you. This is the age when we should be traveling the world because nothing is really tying us down, well except college, but you can get around that:)
Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place with so many things to do. There’s beaches, pools, bars, waterfalls, hiking, jungles, and much more. Personally my favorite part of my trip was the hike my friends and I went on. Even though we were on vaca we had to get in a little exercise. We hiked on the coast of Dorado and were pretty much walking on cliffs. It was absolutely breath taking and something I will always remember. Even when you’re on a crazy spring break vacation you should always make time for adventures like these because these are the things that you are going to remember and take home with you. They are also FOC (Free of Charge) which is also a huge plus for us struggling college students. So please whether you’re in Puerto Rico or Costa Rica, take the time to see the country for what it is because every country has it’s treasures if you just give a little time to explore and find those wonderful places!
Kisses xoxo,


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