Nice Guys Should Finish First

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Why do we as girls always go for the bad boys? As I was talking to my friends I realized that not many girls go for the good, nice guys.  Girls want a challenge and they want to be unwanted.  They want for a guy to act like they are uninterested and as if they could never get them.  It’s a mentality that most girls in their 20s have.  But why do we do this? Why do we let all the good guys pass us by just so we can be messed around by the guys who are just looking for a one night stand? I don’t exactly know the answer to this question, but I would have to say, my best guess is because girls love the chase.  A guy can get a girls attention by acting like they are their number one girl one night and then not texting them for a week.  Then all the girl can think about is, why hasn’t he texted me? Did i do something wrong? Is there another girl? The guy has gotten exactly what they want, to be the number one thing on the girls mind and the girl has officially gone psychopath. Now all they can think about is this guy and his where a bouts.

But the saying nice guys finish last doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Girls can go for the nice guy and end up being more than pleasantly surprised.  Yeah, going for the “bad ass” can be exciting and cool for like a sec, but in the reality of the situation, isn’t what a girl wants in life and in a relationship is to be wanted and thought about and felt special? That’s what every girl wants and if you find the right guy that is exactly what you will get.

So girls don’t let all the nice guys pass you by, stop friend zoning them, I’m telling you if you just give one of them a chance you will see what I’m saying.  The free, I don’t care, guys can treat me how they want phase can get old quick.  And those “nice guys” that you classify as “nice guys” can surprise you in a lot of ways.  They will treat you right and they will show you a good time.  It’s a win win if you ask me.  Find that guy who makes you feel beautiful even when you’re in your old high school sweatshirt and have no make up on.  Find the guy who can look at you and make every bone in your body become rubber, because that is what you deserve.  You deserve to feel special and wanted and loved and that is what you will get if you stop fooling around with the wrong guys.

Have the relationship that everyone is jealous of and that you dreamed of having. It’ll happen you just have to give it time.

Kisses xoxo,



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